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More harm is done by fools through foolishness than is done by evildoers through wickedness.  - The Prophet

The Life of Maulana Sayyid Shahbaz Muhammad Bhagalpuri in Bangla
উপমহাদেশে ইলমে দ্বীন ও বিশেষতইলমুল হাদীস এর প্রচার প্রসারে যারা অনবদ্য ভূমিকা পালন করেছেন, তাদের মধ্যে সুলতানুল আরেফিন সায়্যিদ শাহবাজ মুহাম্মাদ ভাগলপুরী রহমাতুল্লাহি আলাইহি এক মহান ও চির অবিস্মরণীয় নাম । হুযুর সুলতানুল আরেফিন ইলমে দ্বীনের পাশাপাশি বেলায়াত গগনের মধ্য দিবসের সূর্য হিসেবে আউলিয়ায়ে কিরামের মাঝে পরিচিত । Read more>

The Importance of a Good Shaykh, from Shaykh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani (ra)
You must work hard to ensure that your hearts are not locked out of the door of His nearness. Be sensible! You are getting nowhere. You must seek the company of a Shaikh who is ...
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The True Murid
Beloved, after Allah has revealed to you your guide, in whose passion you would be inflamed, open your heart to see who he is. In the embrace of your father in the spirit, you must be like a newborn child; not only a child of his children, but an eye of his eyes, and this eye is a spring. When you know how he sees through you, you will begin to drink from the spring of the unseen and this is the same well from which your father drinks; it is blessed for him and he wants you to drink from this source to be like him. Because you are, from pre-eternity, his child, his beloved....Read more>

The Bay’ah: A Prophetic Sunna
One of the main principles of Sufism is for the murid to give a pledge to his shaykh that he will be an obedient slave of Allah Most High, that he will avoid sins, and that he will adhere to the Tariqa and its wird until his death...Read more>

What The Seeker Needs by Muhiyy ad-Din Ibn 'Arabi
An unmistakable sign of the heaviness that will prevent you from advancing is to be a burden on people. Neither be a freeloader nor let others carry your load. Particularly, don't accept goods and favors, either for yourself or for others...
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Why Music Is Not Haram
We have studied all these sources of religious knowledge and have tried to determine the status of music in Islam. Our thorough research has led us to the conclusion that music is one of the permissible natural gifts of God. The Islamic Shari‘ah does not forbid it. One can use ...
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Ways of the Path:
 Practical steps for spiritual advancement

It's easy to know spiritual quotes, Quranic verses and sufi practices, but to live our lives putting these into practice is another story. We must be honest and look at our daily lives to see whether we are making the world a better place. 

Are we kind people? Are we eager to serve others? Do we readily smile and give love to others? Are we waiting for a grand spiritual enlightenment to be a better person, or are we consciously working on it every minute of the day?

Start today by contemplating these spiritual practices and seeing how you can apply them to your life:

Make Silence Obligatory >
Reflection [fikr] >
Acquire Characteristics of the True Believer >
Beware of Conceit >
Our Mashaikhs

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Hadith to live by

"There is an organ in the body that, if it is righteous, ensures that the whole system will be righteous; and if corrupt, the whole body will become corrupt. This organ is the heart."  more...

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Prophet warned:
Beware of Xtremists!

What makes a poor country poor? See the PowerPoint presentation now.

Tasawwuf is the name of courtesy, so the person who is the most courteous is the greatest Sufi.” Good nature is of two types—one with Allah and the other with people. Good nature with Allah means to accept whatever He gives, and be content with His decree. Good nature with people is to patiently endure their insults. Both these states are beneficial for the seeker.

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